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web development

I have experience with various languages and technologies, building web sites, web applications and everything in between.

web design

My design weapon of choice is figma, I use it for everything from wire frames to high fidelity mockups. I also do UI/UX design for the web and mobile.

ecommerce development

Since early 2020 I have been helping small businesses combat the COVID-19 virus by helping them get online to reach more customers.


Website Design & Development


November 2020 - Current

I started doing freelance development work late 2020, mostly because of COVID.

I do various kinds of development work custom applications, informational websites for businesses, eCommerce stores, and everything else web related.

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Alta-8 | Fashion Arm Sleeves

This store is an online eCommerce store where they sale "Fashion Arm Sleeves", hence the name lol. The design of this store is very fashionable with a sleek modern look. Every image, color, font-family, and line of text is 100% customizable so the owner of the store can make updates and changes without having to go into the codebase to do it.



This store is owned by a physical therapist who sales a product that cures lower back SI joint pain. This shopify store was already built when I got to it, she just wanted it to look a little better without redesigning the whole store.


Clean Creed - Shop Small

In the beginning this online store was an affiliate marketing website, where they only sold and marketed affiliate products from various places. Since then it has evolved into much more but they still only offer products from mostly small businesses.


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